Icebreakers and Energisers

Energisers form an interactive narrative with participants to maximise conference outcomes.

people in a conference room playing in team building activity harmonica harmony

Attention of the audience at conferences is critical to its success. Research shows that the average attention span of an adult is only 10 minutes. It is therefore critical for conference speakers to adjust their delivery mode and their content regularly throughout their presentation to maintain audience attention and engagement.

Energising activities or "Energisers" between presentations are now considered a mandatory engagement tool, critical to ROI. Conference energisers should form part of a deliberate strategy of creating an interactive narrative with participants to facilitate a desired conference theme or meeting session outcome. A well-positioned energiser will focus attention, consolidate conference learning and increase learning retention. Technology based energisers like Go Engage have the added benefit of immediate quantitative analytical feedback so organisers can accurately diagnose conference successes and isolate areas where improvement could be realised.

Energisers come in a range of forms. From music and rhythm to fun networking activities and active well being programs. Relax and refocus or uplift, engage and motivate. Selecting the right activity for the right time is critical to success.

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